Terms & Conditions

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Pick2Read is your doorstep library, wherein the registered members can borrow books online and get it delivered at their doorsteps. It is a digital detox initiative.

Below mentioned Terms and Conditions, are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed by the members when they register with us. These have been laid down with the positive intention of safeguarding the mutual interest. Breach of any of these Terms and Conditions could result in membership being suspended or withdrawn, or such other penalty which is deemed appropriate by the Library from time to time.

  1. Pick2read is an online platform which is available 24*7.
  2. Deliveries will be done on Saturday/ Tuesday/ Thursday between 10AM - 8PM.
  3. Click & Collect facility is available on Saturday/ Tuesday/ Thursday between 4PM – 8PM.
PlansPlan PeriodMembership FeeBorrowing Eligibility
(per order)
Free deliveries
Silver6 MonthsAED 2003 books + 1 toy3
Gold12 MonthsAED 3005 books + 1 toy12
Platinum24 + 2 MonthsAED 5506 books + 1 toy26

*One time Registration fee of AED 50 is applicable for all new registrations

| **Plans** | **Plan Period** | **Membership Fee** | **Borrowing Eligibility** **(per order)** | **Free deliveries** | | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | | **Silver** | **6 Months** | **AED 200** | **3 books + 1 toy** | **3** | | **Gold** | **12 Months** | **AED 300** | **5 books + 1 toy** | **12** | | **Platinum** | **24 + 2 Months** | **AED 550** | **6 books + 1 toy** | **26** | \*One time Registration fee of AED 50 is applicable for all new registrations
  1. Membership is available is to all citizens/ residents of UAE above the age of 18, upon the completion of registration details and payment of Membership fee including the one-time Registration fee.
  2. Membership which is not renewed within 3 months of expiry will be deleted. If a deleted member wishes to reregister, he/she will be considered as a new member.
  3. Library membership is non-transferable and should not be used by anyone other than the registered member and his/her immediate family (Spouse/ children). It is the sole responsibility of the registered member to ensure that the login credentials are not shared with any other third party.
  4. Registered member is always solely responsible for the correct and proper use of membership and is responsible for all the books & toys borrowed.
  5. Members will be blocked and will not be allowed to borrow any books/ toys in the following situations and an email notification will be sent to the members
    1. On failure to return books that are overdue for more than 28 days.
    2. Any unpaid dues to the library for more than a period of 45 days.
  6. The library remains the sole owner of all the items borrowed under the membership at all times.
  7. The Library reserves the right to:
    1. recall borrowed items at any time.
    2. withdraw/ suspend membership for habitual overdue or damaged books.
    3. cancel a membership for inappropriate behaviour or abuse of library privileges.
  8. Any unutilized free delivery from the old membership can not be carried forward to the upgraded/ renewed membership.
    1. Members are required to virtually return the borrowed books/ toys on or before the due date.
    2. Members will be able to reserve books for the next Click & Collect / delivery upon virtual return of books/ toys subject to the maximum eligibility as per their membership category.
  2. Books/ Toys will be available for Click & Collect or delivery in D+2 days of virtual return and/ or reservation of new books or the next available delivery/ Click & Collect date.
  3. Below are considered as delay in return of books:
    1. Books not virtually returned on or before the due date
    2. Books virtually returned on time, but not physically returned in D+2 of the due date
  4. The maximum permissible number of orders in 30 days for Silver is 2, Gold is 3 and Platinum is 4.
  5. If a member opts to Click & Collect the books/ toys personally, they need to select the location from where they intend to collect.
  6. If a member has opted for Click & Collect option and the reserved books are not picked up in D+2 days, reservation will be considered as null and void.
  7. Books/ Toys will be delivered in Pick2Read bag, and the borrowed items should be returned in the same bag.
  8. Member to check the delivery/ return slip for the list of books to be delivered/ returned and approve it with a signature.
  9. Member should give a minimum 24 hours’ notice of non-availability during the delivery date selected to reschedule the delivery to the next immediate delivery day. In case the member has books/ toys to be returned, it will be considered as overdue till the library physically receives the same.
  10. If the member has given less than 24 hours’ notice of non-availability during the delivery date, it will be counted as a delivery made. The delivery will be rescheduled to the next immediate delivery day. In case of non-availability of the member on the rescheduled day, the order will be cancelled, and the member must make a new reservation. Books not physically returned will be considered as overdue until they are received by the library.
  1. Books from Premium category, reference books and toys cannot be renewed.
  2. A member cannot renew a book/ toy, if it has been added to the Wishlist by another member.
  3. Otherwise 1 renewal per borrowing period per book is allowed.
  4. No further reissue or renewal of the returned books is possible for the next 7 days.
  5. When a book added under Wishlist becomes available, an email notification will be sent and it will be held for a maximum of 2 days for placing the order, after which it will be put back into circulation.
  6. A member who has overdue books/ any unpaid dues to the library, will not be allowed to add a book under the Wishlist.
  1. Members are liable to pay fines for any delayed, lost, or damaged items. 
    1. Late Fee:
      1. Premium/ Reference books – 2 Dhs per book for every day of delay
      2. Other books – 1 Dh per book per day of delay
      3. Toys – 2 Dhs per day of delay
    2. Damages:
      1. Small damage – 5 Dhs per book/ toy
      2. Medium damage – 10 Dhs per book/ toy
      3. Major damage resulting in replacement of an item – 50% of the price of the new item
        Note: Librarian to decide the level of damage.
    3. Lost items:
      1. 70% of price of the new item – Premium books/toys
      2. 50% of price of the new item – Other items
  1. REFERRAL PROGRAMME - Members will be awarded reward points for 
    1. Gift a membership
    2. every successful referral

      Below table shows the reward points awarded
  1. * Please note that it is mandatory for your referral to mention the referral code while registering as a new member, for you to get the corresponding reward points.
  2. Members will also be awarded reward points for donating books/ toys. The number of points awarded will be decided by the librarian on case-to-case basis.
  3. The value of 1 reward point = AED 1
  4. The reward points earned by the member can be used against membership renewal fee, buying deliveries and for payment of fine amounts.
  5. Against the membership renewal fee, a member can redeem points as below:
Type of Membership heldPOINTS REDEEMED
SilverMaximum of 15 points
GoldMaximum of 30 points
PlatinumMaximum of 50 points

Members can buy additional delivery as and when required at the cost of AED 20 per delivery.

  1. A member can upgrade their membership at any point in time and the new membership period will be calculated from the date of upgradation.
  2. The amount payable by a member upon upgradation will be calculated as follows:

    Membership fee for the upgraded category less the unutilized amount of the old membership, calculated on pro rata basis.
  3. Any unutilized free deliveries from the old membership cannot be carried forward to the upgraded membership.
  1. Pre-closure of membership is not available for silver and gold members.
  2. Platinum members can pre-close their membership by giving us prior notice of a minimum of 45 days.
Number of months remainingEligible refund amount
>126 months membership fee
>6 months <= 12 months3 months membership fee
>3 months<=6 months1 month membership fee
<=3 monthsNo refund applicable